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Contact 服務

Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome via the following ways:

Tel: 25663051

Cell/ Whatsapp: 51825387


Facebook: sharonchan2453

Instagram: sharonchan2453

To schedule appointment for Holistic Nutrition Consultation, contact via email.

32 項體質營養分析

Initial consultation 首次諮詢 60 – 90 mins

Follow up consultation 跟進諮詢 30-45 mins

I can work with you if you need help with: 見註冊營養師的原因包括:

Weight management 體重管理 (增肥/ 減重)

High Cholesterol 高膽固醇

High blood pressure 高血壓

Sports nutrition 運動營養

Vegetarian or Vegan 素食/ 全素

ADHD 過度活躍/ 專注力缺乏

Cancer 癌症

Depression 抑鬱

Diabetes 糖尿病

Food allergy 食物敏感

GERD 胃酸倒流  等

Here are a few things a registered dietitian can help you with:

  • Managing chronic diseases such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), or high cholesterol – all of which can lead to health conditions that not only have a negative effect on your quality of life, but that also are expensive to treat.
  • Finding a safe and effective weight loss program that really works for you.
  • Providing personally tailored nutrition advice. One way of eating does not suit everyone. After learning about your health history, favorite foods, eating and exercise habits, a registered dietitian will help you set goals and prioritize. Follow-up visits help you maintain and monitor your progress.

Sharon Chan, MS, RD (USA), AD (HKDA)
陳秋惠 註冊營養師(美國)


3 thoughts on “Contact 服務

  1. I wanted to send over a quick note regarding your website. If you want I can help drive visitors and create revenue using proven tactics.

    Are you interesed in knowing more about what I can do and the return on investment it can bring your business? I would be happy to send you a quote along with proposal.

    Thanks for your time!


  2. Amy Chow on said:

    I would like to make an appointment to see Sharon regarding my diet for osteoporosis
    Thanks and regards

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