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Sharon Chan 關於

Sharon Chan Chau Wai dietitian

Sharon Chan, MS, RDN (USA), AD (HKDA)

  • 營養及整體健康學碩士 (Maryland University of Integrative Health)
  • 營養科學及膳食治療學士 (University of California, Berkeley)
  • 香港營養師協會(HKDA) 培訓及發展主任 2017-2019 Training & Development Officer
  • 媒體團隊 2015-2019 Hong Kong Dietitians Association spokesperson
  • 香港執業營養師公會(HKPDU) Hong Kong Practising Dietitians Union
  • 美國營養學會(AND) Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 美國海外營養協會(AODA) American Overseas Dietitians Association
  • 香港過敏科醫學會(HKIA) Hong Kong Institute of Allergy
  • 香港腸外及腸內營養學會(HKSPEN) The Hong Kong Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
  • 香港營養學會 Hong Kong Nutrition Association

陳秋惠是美國註冊營養師、香港營養師協會認可營養師(2015-2019發言人)。她持有營養科學及膳食治療學士學位, 營養及整體健康碩士學位。她熱心推動健康營養教育,曾擔任多所學校和教育機構的客席講師,例如:香港大學專業進修學院、香港浸會大學(優質教育基金贊助青少年健康飲食推廣計劃)香港賽馬會夏橋、樂餉社、香港癌症基金會、寶覺中學、佛教大雄中學、保良局吳多泰幼稚園等學校。她曾任香港三育書院營養學科講師。她曾為無線電視翡翠台節目「 都市閒情」、「活得健康嗎? 」擔任客席營養師。


她經常與非牟利團體合作 ,致力向大眾推廣預防醫學飲食,宣揚以「預防勝於治療」的有營健康飲食和生活方式。

Sharon Chan is a Registered Dietitian from the United States with over ten years of experience in the nutrition community. Currently, Sharon consults through her own private practice. Additionally, she serves as HKDA media spokesperson and Training & Development Officer.

Sharon is an active lecturer for various community and corporate workshops including: Quality Education Fund, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Space at ICC, Ladies Recreational Club, Deutsche Bank, AIA, Prudential, Feeding Hong Kong and more. She is well-represented on Hong Kong’s media outlets having been guest on TVB’s Pleasure and Leisure都市閒情, Are you Healthy你健康嗎?, and Apple Daily’s articles.

Sharon is one of the few Hong Kong native vegetarian registered dietitian; and enjoys vegetarian food exploration and yoga on her spare time. Sharon received her Master of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health and Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences- Dietetics from University of California at Berkeley.

Sharon’s mission is to advocate to the public for a healthy lifestyle. Her ambition is to promote and spread awareness of the importance of nutrition education on preventative medicine through Hong Kong Dietitians Association and accredited dietitians.



你健康嗎? 營養師陳秋惠 Sharon


你健康嗎? 營養師陳秋惠

Nice to work with doctors in the show.

活得健康嗎? 營養師陳秋惠

彩虹飲食法 色食更健康

關注糖尿人士會議2017 植物為主飲食講座 (九展)


Hong Kong Dietitians Association AGM 2015

Jockey Club Nutrition Talk

Jockey Club Nutrition Talk


Quality Education Fund Nutrition talks at BTHC

“A calorie is not just a calorie” at ICC

Book launch 2014- HarvEst of the 7 Human Vines

Book launch 2014- HarvEst of the 7 Human Vines

athletes cooking demo

Healthy Snack cooking demo

Sharon clinician

Private Practice at Natural Care Center MUIH USA

She enjoys educating the college volleyball team on sport nutrition.


She likes qi gong and yoga.

She loves exploring on vegetarian and vegan diet. Creating new dishes and cooking is her hobby.



Sharon is Vicky’s personal dietitian


Miss Hong Kong 2015


Sharon Chan MS, RD (USA), AD (HKDA)


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