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Easy 15 mins meal


Colorful Healthy Yummy ready in 15 mins, are you ready?

1 egg
1 head of broccoli
1 tomato
1 pack or serving of buckwheat noodles
smoked salmon/ canned tuna in water (optional)
Vinegrette: make enough for more meals
a small glass jar or bottle
EVOO fill to half of jar
balsamic vinegar fill 1/6 of jar
(EVOO:vinegar ratio 3:1)
garlic, minced
raw ginger, minces
black berries jam or honey, about a teaspoon
mustard a teaspoon
seasalt, as needed

1. cook noodles, keep the hot water from noodles, rinse noodles with drinking water, let cool and dry
2. make soft boil egg
3. when egg in pot, wash and cut broccoli into smaller parts
4. use saved hot water to boil broccoli till the texture you prefer
5. pour hot water over whole tomato, to warm it up, (increase nutrient lycopene level for better bioavaliability), let dry, cut it up
6. put all vinegrette ingredients into jar, cover up with lid, shake it well
7. plate your meal with creativity, dress it up with vinegrette and top anything you have at home (seeds, nuts, powder, etc)

Let me know how you like it by leaving us comment. Thanks!

Sharon Chan MS, RD, AD

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