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How to make a Quick & Warm Breakfast?

For many of us, making breakfast seem time consuming. Or we have no idea what to have for a quick yet healthy breakfast.

Since I am usually in a rush in the morning, I prepare this breakfast few times a week with some variation. It can be a to-go breakfast in a stainless steel cup too! Let me share with you how easy and quick this is:

No sugar added dry cereal 1/2 cup
Quick oat 2 tablespoon
Hot water
Apple or any fresh fruit you have
Sea salt, to taste

1. In a glass cup, a bowl, or a stainless steel cup with lid, combine dry cereal and oat. Add hot water to cover them.
2. Cut apple (washed and removed wax with knife) into small cubes; mix half of the apple cubes into oat cereal. Top the cup with the rest of the apple.
3. Sprinkle sea salt to taste; stir well and enjoy it warm!

(For the dry cereal, I used Alpen’s no sugar added cereal with oat, wheat and raisin.)

Balanced meal tips:
In this recipe, we have carbs and fiber. Let’s add a protein of your choice to make this a balanced, complete breakfast. Try it with an egg ( poached, boiled, or drop the raw egg in the cup before you add hot water), a glass of unsweetened soy milk, a glass of organic milk, tofu scramble, or un-roasted, unsalted nuts or seeds etc.



If you find this helpful, kindly share it:)
Let me know your variation in the comment below. Thank you.

Be well,

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