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Yoga daily challenge

What: I went on a trip to Shanghai, China, for 18 days. It was Amazing. I love its night view the most. Look=)

SH me



I also stayed in the Putuo Mountain for 2 nights. I felt grateful that it is such a peaceful place. I wondered how can we live with peace in our typical day?

Why: I would like to live with peace, feel relax, and be content. This help us to focus on the good (half cup full instead of half cup empty). In turn, we look healthier, brighter and more beautiful (or handsome).

How, when & where: Let’s pick an activity that you enjoy the most. It can be any sports, indoors, outdoors, art, reading, even meditation. Use time management skill to fit it into our busy schedule. Early morning, lunch time, after work, or before bed time? Find a place you enjoy; at home, gym, park, sport center, or yoga studio?

I pick yoga practice as a way to find peace. When we slow our mind down, focusing on the activity; we may feel more peaceful. Since I returned from Shanghai, I started to practice yoga at home. I took 30, 45, 60 minutes each day, on my own to practice with peace (and smile). I focus on slow deep breaths; in and out with my nose. It feel so energizing, refreshing, and good.

Let’s join me to find inner peace daily; you may feel the differences soon! Tell me what you have in mind too =)


Be well,

Sharon Chan, MS, RD, LDN

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