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Apple + cucumber water

What, where & who: We all know drinking water is good for us. What about drinking tasty water? It is so easy to make and it last the whole day. Many of my friends said they love the colorful water jar I have ( I bring my jar with me everywhere) and that they will try this out at home.

Why: Refreshing! It is my new pick-me-up drink because it’s delicious and interesting. It rehydrates us and repletes vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and vitamin C & K, and potassium. Good for skin and immunity. You may eat the fruit and cucumber after you enjoy the flavored water for dietary fiber.



1 medium apple, sliced

half a cucumber, sliced

a pitcher or a mason jar (or your water bottle)

filtered water


Combine fruit, cucumber slices, and water into glass container, store in the fridge with a cover if desired. Refill with filtered water through out the day. Enjoy!

Notes: Try cucumber water with lemon, mint, or berries as well.

apple cucumber waterHave a fresh day.

Be well,


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3 thoughts on “Apple + cucumber water

  1. I’ve been drinking cucumber water for 2 weeks now and love it! Everyone should give it a try, the choices to add with it are endless. Enjoy!

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